Diggin’ in the Crates is kickin’ it old school.  This website is dedicated to showcasing some of the different aspects of old school hip-hop music, including the classic soul, jazz, funk, and rock records that spawned the greatest samples. Do you want to learn how producers such as DJ Premier or the RZA created such neck-snapping, head-nodding beats? Or how emcees like KRS-One or Rakim could get the crowd moving with such ease? Well, I’m going to break down for you some of the techniques the all-time great producers, DJ’s, and emcees used to “rock the mic and get the crowd hype!”

Hip-hop was the music that defined a generation, and unlike the pop music that is being played on the radio currently, it was once a niche genre that had a very distinct and unique underground culture. Skills such as DJing or breakdancing are becoming a lost art; the relics of a bygone era. The average “hip-hop” consumer nowadays has less of a connection to the golden age of hip-hop music than ever before, and that’s a shame! That’s why I’m inviting you to come with me on this musical adventure. It doesn’t matter if you’re into Run D.M.C., Funkadelic, De La Soul, or James Brown, come diggin’ in the crates and I know you’ll find something you like!



Click on the links at the bottom to explore and learn about different aspects of hip-hop.  “Check the Technique” contains tutorial videos, “The Crates” contains musical collections, “The Five Pillars” contains information about the roots of hip-hop, “The Source” contains references to additional outside information about hip-hop, and “Credits” shows the sources for everything on the site.


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